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Tiger 131

There were tanks with supertesta future patch 9.19, and among other things has another first Tiger — Tiger 131 (this is the first 4 Tigers are in the game). This stock Tiger I (i.e., short-ahtom ChAT) which is an exact copy of Japanese premium heavy tank level 6 Heavy Tank No. VI. The only difference from the Japanese — Orthodox German nation and built sand camouflage. 131 Tiger — German heavy tank level 6 in World of Tanks, will likely be a premium car at their level, not benefits.

  1. Historical facts Tiger 131
  2. Tiger 131 Performance characteristics
  3. Reservation Tiger 131
  4. Summary conclusion of Tiger 131

Historical facts Tiger 131

Development of Tiger I began in 1937, the company Henschel. Mass production began in 1942, with a possible total of 1354 vehicles produced. The tank first saw combat in the battle of Leningrad, and the Tigers have been at the forefront of fighting from Tunisia to Kursk. Although production was discontinued in the summer of 1944 Tiger I continued to see action until the end of the war.

Tiger 131 Performance characteristics

In general, the historic Tiger I (ie historically correct gun), as tanks premium for the Germans begged for a long time. But it turns out he is clearly srednyakom, he has its advantages — DP, the precision and stabilization. There are also explicit disadvantages — sloupochnost, mediocre armor, a weak one-time damage and very shitty armor penetration.

Tank, if he gets out on the market, do not make a splash. Mainly due to the fact that it is a replica of the Japanese. A Japanese, far more preferable, since it can be pumped Japanese TT carriages. Of course you can download the German on German crews — but to do so in the game already has two always available heavy tank LOWE  and VK.45.03, as for me is much more comfortable in the game, and also at the same superteste are two heavy tank Tiger II P and Tiger II H .

Reservation Tiger 131

Full Tiger 131 booking values ​​are as follows:

Summary conclusion of Tiger 131

Hopefully in the WG would be at least someone is smart and quick-witted, and if this smart and sharp look at the abundance of premiumnyh first tigers, then maybe Tiger 131 in addition to a beautiful camouflage and get some more strong advantage, for example, the same «Berliners» crew.

Well, as poskriptum. Besides the well-known conventional first tiger, Japanese and now the 131-th in the game client for a long time there’s another tiger — Tiger IL / 56 tank 7 level. Judging by his performance, he thought as the preferential premium tank level 7, with a staggeringly steep stabilization and precision, and hurricane damage in a minute. But, of WG we decided not to release the benefits, so that can only be licking their lips and enjoy that money in your wallet remain intact.



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