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On World of Tanks superteste has long been undergoing testing US light tank T71 CMCD seventh level, no benefits, and also T71 CMCD also a premium tank.

  1. Historical facts T71 CMCD
  2. T71 CMCD performance characteristics
  3. Reservation T71 CMCD
  4. Summary conclusion on the T71 CMCD

Historical facts T71 CMCD

In the spring of 1952, it was decided to re-American army. Under this directive, the program began to establish a light tank, which was to replace the technically obsolete M41 WALKER BULLDOG. By designed the car were presented certain demands. In particular, the mass of the tank should not exceed 20 tonnes, arms — 90 mm cannon. Then, the new guidelines were introduced to the project: structural weight has been decided to reduce up to 18 tons, gun caliber — up to 76 millimeters.
In 1953, the Defense Ministry has received to the two projects. Company CADILLAC MOTOR CAR COMPANY proposed a program to improve the old tank, introducing a number of significant changes.Corporation AIRCRAFT ARMAMENTS INCORPORATED gone fundamentally new way, introducing to the machine a number of innovative solutions. Both projects received symbol T71 and KB were required to provide for the approval of military specialists wooden models of prototypes. War Office hoped that better decisions competing companies will be collected in the future tank. In 1954, it became clear that the combination of projects is impossible due to fundamental technical differences. Therefore CADILLAC continued to work on the project T71, and AAI was to implement the program under the symbol T92.
January 1956 was a turning point. AAI engineers provided the Commission prepares a wooden mock-up, respectively, could begin to create a prototype. CADILLAC prepared only drawing the future car. The time factor was decisive, therefore T92 was considered more promising, and T71 will forever remain a «paper project».


T71 CMCD performance characteristics

Full characteristics values ​​are shown below in the screenshots, T71 CMCD undergoing testing and final characteristics before entering the release can be modified:

Reservation T71 CMCD

reservations values ​​T71 CMCD shown in the images below:

Summary conclusion on the T71 CMCD

American lightweight premium tank T71 CMCD boast nothing special is not even the appearance of the tank compared to the T92 light tank is inferior in general. Will be sold or issued for new LBZ 2.0 in World of Tanks is not yet known, we can only wait for official information from the site.

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