Test World of Tanks server continues to serve as a training ground for field trials of PT-ACS China. We remind you that for this class of technology development introduced additional branch, which will be available only to the Chinese region. So, we present you the SU-76G FT. It pumped Chinese PT fourth level. Technical specifications SU-76G FT wot-info.ru on site.

  1. Historical facts SU-76G FT
  2. SU-76G FT Performance characteristics
  3. Reservation SU-76G FT
  4. Summary conclusion on the SU-76G FT

Historical facts SU-76G FT

This FET is a modernization of the Soviet SU-76M tank. About 90 of the pieces of equipment were delivered to China in the mid-50s of the last century. North Korean military experts have been studying the characteristics of these machines. In reality, SU-76G FT never existed.

SU-76G FT Performance characteristics

The crew consists of 4 tankers, visual model was produced in 2015.


280 HP
engine 430 hp
Weight: 11,9 t
power to weight ratio: 36.13 hp / M
Maximum velocity: 45 / -12 km / h
Rotating case 40 ° / to
ground resistance: 1,055 / 1,247 / 2,014
range form 300 m
signal range: 600 m

Hull Armor: 25/15 /?
Armor tower: 15/10 /?

It has 85 mm 56-85TG FT

Damage 160/160/280
Penetration 128/172/43
ROF: 12.269
DPM 1963
recharge time 4.89 seconds
Accuracy: 0.403
Time Targeting: c1,63 s
depression: -5

It has 76 mm ZIS-3

Damage 115/115/165
Penetration 85/106/38

Has 57 mm ZIS-2

Damage 85/85/95
Penetration 112/189/29

Reservation SU-76G FT

The full value of the reservation for the SU-76G FT, are as follows:SU-76G FT

Summary conclusion on the SU-76G FT

Specific positive features of the tank is not revealed, PT-ACS without salient features. We remind you that the SU-76G FT located in pumped branch, will only be available to players of the Chinese region.SU-76G FT SU-76G FT SU-76G FT

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