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There is information about the new Swedish elite STRV medium tank 81, which will be on the 8-level world of tanks.

  1. Historical facts STRV 81
  2. STRV 81 Performance characteristics
  3. Reservation STRV 81
  4. Summary conclusion of STRV 81

Historical facts STRV 81

Few people know, but the average STRV tank 81 is not full-blooded «Swede». In fact, it is an upgraded version of the British tank «Centurion» Mk III.
In 50-ies of the last century, Sweden has bought from England a large shipment of tanks «Centurion» which were named:
STRV 81 — with 83-millimeter guns .
STRV 101 — with 105-millimeter guns .
These machines were to replace obsolete tanks M / 42. However, the Swedish army stubbornly did not want to part with the time-tested machines, so in 1955, was designed by a combined project: a new tower with a booking of 80 mm and 75-mm guns. Curiously, the design has been very successful: the technique was in service until 2000, for the time spent in service repeatedly modernized.

STRV 81 Performance characteristics

According to reports STRV 81 is equipped with an instrument 8,4 cm kan strv 81 and engine Meteor Mark IVB, with the following values:

Remember that all of these characteristics are only tentative, because in reality when the output of the game can be changed.

Reservation STRV 81

Reservation tank to the values ​​indicated below:

Summary conclusion of STRV 81

Why STRV 81 is an elite tank? According to preliminary information STRV 81 will bring added more silver and combat experience of the battle, at least as it is written in the additional information of the client. Will STRV 81 premium car or issued for the additional conditions are not yet known, but I am glad that there are new machines in the game, which receive additional testing. STRV 81 crew of 4 persons, namely commander, gunner, a driver and loader.

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