In the new updated patch 9.19.1 will be added to the yoke Polish average premium tank VI level Pudel. The tank became known under the nickname «Poodle» (in the original Pudel). «The car is a model of the most massive modification of the German tank Panther — Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf.G. Two German tanks Panther Ausf.G. Were captured by the Poles on August 2, 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. The rebels painted national colors and other emblems on the cars, which is the distinctive element of the tank in the game. The tank became known under the nickname «Poodle» (in the original Pudel). Used in street fighting. «PudelThe emergence of new equipment in the game is always a joyful and anticipated event for all fans of the World of Tanks. Currently, a Polish tank with an interesting name PUDEL is running on test servers. The car is premium and will take a place of honor at the 6th level. Pudel middle tank will be the first representative of the Polish branch of development. If you look closely at the number model, you can see that the «Pole» has a phenomenal similarity with the German ST PANTHER AUSF. G. If we consider technical characteristics, then the owners of PANTHER / M 10 become alarmed, having learned identical parameters that have moved to the level below. However, everything in order.

  1. Historical facts Pudel
  2. Pudel Technical characteristics
  3. Equipment Pudel
  4. Perks and crew skills Pudel
  5. Booking Pudel
  6. How to play Pudel
  7. Reviews of Pudel
  8. Pudel video

Historical facts Pudel

Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf.G is the most popular modification of the legendary German tank PANTHER. During the Warsaw events, which took place in August 1944, two modernized models of equipment were captured by resistance fighters. The tanks were repainted in the colors of the Polish army, and the army emblems were applied.Pudel

National design has become a distinctive feature of the technique in the game. The car received the original pseudonym «Poodle», it was widely used during street battles.

Pudel Technical characteristics

Let's start with the tactical and technical characteristics of the machine. «Poodle» will have a safety margin of 840 units , which is a benchmark among classmates. The review of the machine also looks good and is 370 meters in the base configuration. Recall that this is an average tank, for which it is important to detect the enemy first and cause damage in its light.PudelEngine power is equal to 700 horsepower, which in relation to the mass of the tank provides nearly 16 «horses» per ton of weight. This proportion is not ideal, but allows the tank to accelerate to 55 km / h . The maximum is typed heavily, but it remains on any ground. The maneuverability of the tank is not the best, which gives confidence with light tanks: it is not difficult to tighten the PUDEL,

Note that the «Pole» has a cumbersome silhouette, which greatly affects the coefficient of imperceptibility, of course, for the worse.

In terms of weapons PUDEL looks very attractive. There is a German gun L / 70, which frankly pleases the fans of the German branch of development. The gun has 150 mm armor penetration armor-piercing projectile (for 194-mm sub-caliber) and deals 135 damage per shot. Modest alpha is compensated by a good rate of fire, which provides a 2,000 point damage.PudelThese indicators are quite enough to confidently confront classmates and some representatives of the 7th level. Against most of the «eights» will help only godla and then not against all the tanks. The gun has characteristic German accuracy and good stabilization, accordingly it is possible to effectively fire in movement. UVN are 8 degrees and guarantee a comfortable game from the terrain.

The full values ​​of the Pudel TTX are presented below:Pudel

Equipment Pudel

To use the tank with maximum efficiency, you need to approach the installation of additional modules responsibly. This will help to level out shortcomings and improve the positive characteristics of the machine. We recommend trying a standard set for medium tanks:Pudel

  • Sender — we increase the DPM.
  • Stabilizer vertical guidance — improve the performance of the stabilization of the gun, shooting from the run.
  • Enlightened optics — increase the viewing radius.

In principle, the vertical stabilizer can be abandoned in favor of improved ventilation , which will provide a slight increase in all characteristics.

Perks and crew skills Pudel

Improve the basic characteristics can not only install additional modules, but also the pumping of tank members. The PUDEL crew consists of 5 people, so we recommend that you study perks in the following order:Pudel

Do not forget about the combat equipment. Here, the developers do not give much variation, so we load the usual first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and repair kit. If finances are allowed, the basic consumables can be replaced with gold analogs.

PudelA small note (Paschalka WG for Pudel) that according to the list of available names of Polish nationality
PudelThere is a memch from the film of 1970 — » The Adventures of the Gunner Dolas, or How I Unleashed World War II »

Booking Pudel

Usually medium tanks can not boast of good security, but the «Pole» does not look vulnerable, especially among classmates. The frontal projection of the body is protected by an 85 mm slab located at rational angles. Accordingly, with small slopes of the hull, you can even tank something from the technique of your level and lower. The sides and forages look more vulnerable. Here only 50 and 40 millimeters respectively.Pudel

The forehead of the tower boasts a plate thickness of 100 millimeters, plus an impressive mask of the gun. Together, this gives almost 200 millimeters of armor in some areas.

In general, the tank can sometimes take ricochets and neprobitiya from classmates, but getting into battles to 7-8 levels, the invulnerability of the armor is no longer worth it.

How to play Pudel

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just stick to the standard tactics of medium tanks. This suggests that it is necessary to support the attack of teammates in any direction, correctly implementing a good potential and accuracy of the gun. Try to keep to the middle and long range, the benefit of the accuracy of the gun allows you to effectively fire at long distances. In an open confrontation with heavy tanks it is better not to join: armor has many vulnerable areas. But to twist the clumsy strand, throwing shells into the sides and stern, it will turn out easily.Pudel

Being in the TOP list you can act more aggressively, but in the beginning be more a sniper, and push the directions along with heavy tanks. Closer to the middle of the battle, think about how best to implement your HP, which must be kept until the end of the fight. In doing so, do not forget to be saved from an arta, which can cause a lot of pain.

Do not forget that PUDEL is able to develop a good speed, which makes it possible to quickly change the attack vector, return to the database to shoot down the capture.

Reviews of Pudel

Let's try to make a preliminary opinion about the technique, focusing on known characteristics. The Polish first premium tank of the 6 level Pudel will be exactly the same as the VK 30.02 M (in the top) in the TTX, in contrast to the Polish colleague, the masking is 2% worse than the VK 30.02 M. We hope that there will be no problems with the Available camouflage standard Polish, which appears when buying.

By the positive points include:

  • DPM.
  • Margin of safety.
  • Relatively good speed
  • The pumping of the Polish crew

To negative :

  • Weak maneuverability.
  • Cumbersome silhouette.

That's the first tank of the Polish development branch of World of Tanks, namely the average premium tank of level 6 — Pudel Panther — Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf.G.

Video of Pudel


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