t-127 инвайт код Tankolet

Object 252U Defender

New ussr tank Object 252U Defender the special camo is only RU server. Information about the sensational new Soviet tank Object 252U Premium Defender, which will be provided in a special camouflage. Sales Object 252U defender will of course confined to the celebration of February 23 and will be sold with different sets.
That is to say exclusive for the RU region. According to the tactical and technical characteristics of the object 252U Defender — coincides with the object 252U. Last year the company was preparing Wargaming share with chains of combat missions by IS-3 «Defender» for World of Tanks Blitz. But it is unlikely they will do so in the normal World of Tanks. Therefore, we expect to see Object 252U Defender in the premium shop on February 23 and in more detail consider a very interesting camouflage.
Additional photos of the object 252U Defender:

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