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M3G FT — under test PT-ACS China has entered the world of tanks super test, but it is worth noting that only for the Chinese region. M3G FT will be located on level 3 of the new branch of the Chinese pumped PT-ACS. M3G FT crew consists of 4 persons.

  1. Historical facts M3G FT
  2. M3G FT Performance characteristics
  3. Reservation M3G FT
  4. Summary conclusion on the M3G FT
  5. Video M3G FT

Historical facts M3G FT

In 1943, the National Revolutionary Army Chin received from 48 US M3A3 and M5A1 light tanks under contract Lend-Lease. Some of them have become the spoils of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.After the Civil War, there was a need to increase the firepower of tanks. He was considered an option of installation of Soviet anti-tank guns, but after the Soviet Union, provided that the tanks T-34-85, the project has lost its meaning. We have not seen a copy.

M3G FT Performance characteristics

160 HP
Engine 296 hp
Weight: 13,5 t
power to weight ratio: 21.93 hp / M
Maximum velocity: 55 / -12 km / h
Rotating case 50 ° / a
rotating tower 41, 7 ° / to
ground resistance: 1,63 / 1,822 / 2,589
range form 310 m
signal range: 395 m


Hull Armor: 25.4 / 25.4 /?
Armor tower: 10/10 /?

It has 76 mm ZIS-3

Damage 115/115/165
Penetration 85/106/38
ROF: 10.977
1262.4: DPM
recharge time: 5466 s
Accuracy: 0.364
Height 1.82 sec Time
Depression: -5

Pistol: 57 mm ZIS-2

Damage 85/85/95
Penetration 112/189/29

Reservation M3G FT

Full booking value for M3G FT, are as follows:

Summary conclusion on the M3G FT

Specific positive features of the tank is not revealed, PT-ACS without salient features.

Video M3G FT

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