Invite-code the BT-7 Artillery Tank for ASIA

Became a reusable invite code available to the general public for World of Tanks, though only for ASIA servers. And in itself an invite code for beginners is not normal, due to the fact that the bonus is a Soviet light tank of the third level of  the BT-7 artillery , no benefits and therefore will be fully exposed to the level of 5 tanks.


Invite-code the BT-7 Artillery Tank for ASIA


Remember that on the RU cluster tank issued in 2015 on the birthday of WoT all who came into the game in a certain period. Just added a new player gets 7 days of premium account and the 1000 game gold units , which is pretty good for a start, if you do not forget:
— 300 game gold units, for change password at registration in the game;
— 100 ednits game gold, for a specified phone number in your profile.

(expires 1 June 2017)

The invite code will give new players the following:

  • 7 days of Premium account time
  • 1000 gold
  • 1 BT-7 Artillery tank
  • 1 garage slot
  • Access to a “Welcome EXP Bonus” (50% Crew XP, repeatable 5x per day until June 1st)

So far this code is only confirmed for the Asia server (though if any of you want to give it a try on another, feel free).

Another bonus is the mission «Welcome EXP Bonus» — for the passage of which you can get extra bun, which is very fully. It is a pity that there are reusable codes with Gold, but only for the RU cluster.

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