Invite-Code on T-127 + 7 day premium account for NA server WOT

In anticipation of the new year are often made gifts, the more distributed reusable invite codes, so it is a pity that it appears they are more and more for NA World of Tanks cluster. Churchill III has been further Golda was with silver, this time is a small premium T-127 with a 100% crew on board, so more and amplifying module drives pickup in the set, so to speak for all the sand Naguib comes in the kit.


First we need to define a reusable invite link in the registration and in designated Count invite code you must enter QUICKYBABY4WOT, where after entering the new account get very interesting buns:

— Premium Soviet Tank T-127 (level 3 WoT);
7 days of the PA;
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

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