t-127 инвайт код Tankolet

FREE — 1 day PA and private reserves for RU server

Well tankers tired of waiting for a freebie? Tired of playing in the tanks, which lag blunt and it is simply impossible to play? So, hold, receive and sign. FOR RU server

Compensation will be calculated after entering the client (from 04.15.2017 years, starting from 9 am Moscow time) the WoT game and is only valid until 19.04.2017 year (before 9 am Moscow time).

Payment will be in this form:

 1 day Premium account.
 1 personal reserve from Bonus (+ 50%, 2 hours)

1 personal reserve with Bonus crew (+ 100%, 2 hours)

1 personal reserve a free bonus to experiment (+ 100%, 2 hours)


So, thank WoT. This weekend, there is an opportunity to play with a premium account and reserves, though dress day, but still nice!

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