Cromwell B

Cromwell B (letters B is Berlin), promotional prem tank level 6 British branch World of Tanks. Equipment was sold for a limited time in the game store, together with three other tanks involved in the «Berlin operation». According to its characteristics, Cromwell B strongly resembles his brother pumped, so many tankers did not make sense to spend hard-earned money on the purchase of gift bags. As it turned out, in vain. Cromwell B Farmer was a good, capable of bringing the fight about 55 000-60 000 silver. Of course, provided that the tankers hands grow from the right place. Currently, the campaign is over, and the tank removed from the free sale, expect to see costs in the month of May.

  1. Cromwell B performance characteristics
  2. Equipment for Cromwell B
  3. Perks for the crew on Cromwell B
  4. Booking Cromwell B
  5. How to play the cromwell B
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Cromwell B performance characteristics

In general, the characteristics of Cromwell B is virtually identical to the pumped twin. The stock tank strength is 750 units , which is a good indicator for the 6th layer. Given that we are talking about an average tank, strange looks modest vision range — 360 meters . However, this figure can be improved.Cromwell B
Armor absence of a positive effect on the driving characteristics of the tank. Cromwell B quite quickly accelerates to 64 km / h , feels confident on climbs and difficult terrain. The machine is very maneuverable: chassis rotation speed of 50 deg / sec.Cromwell B
In terms of weapons, CROMWELL B looks solid for the 6th level. A tank installed on a 75-mm cannon HV VICKERS , broneprobitiem with a 145 mm armor-piercing projectile, damage to one-time — 135 units .Subcaliber firing increase this value to 202 mm, so the tank is quite comfortable feel against the 7th-level tanks.Cromwell B
Unfortunately, eight Cromwell B oppose practically nothing: to break through IS-3 would be problematic even Gold. However, the weapon has a different rate, which provides one of the best indicators of PD level, has a minimal scatter, but rather a long mix.

Equipment for Cromwell B

By purchasing additional modules, you should try as much as possible to neutralize the deficiencies in order to improve the efficiency of appliances. In the case of CROMWELL B, you can try this set:Cromwell B
Reinforced drive pickup — correct the lack of information speed.
enlightened optics — increase the radius of the review.
Improved ventilation — get a slight bonus to the basic characteristics of the machine.
Some tankers, following the standards set at CROMWELL B gun rammer, but given the rate of gun, the urgent need for this. For the «British» is more appropriate stabilization, to improve the accuracy of shooting on the move.

Perks for the crew on Cromwell B

Tank promotional, so the base of purchase included 100% crew and does not reset the skill «Combat Brotherhood». Among the general skills makes sense to pump repair and disguise tankers personal skills can be explored in the order ofCromwell B
equipment chosen standard, it is not recommended to replace consumables usual cup of coffee with a biscuit. At Cromwell B observed armor shortage, so crits internal modules, fire and injured the crew will be commonplace.

Booking Cromwell B

In terms of booking surprises are expected. The frontal projection of the tower — 75 mm , the housing: 63 mm . If the machine will throw in the top of randomness, CROMWELL B vytankovyvat could damage the tower and even housing.Cromwell B
However, the preferential rate of fighting for the machine is not provided, so formidable eights will pierce any part of the British, not bothered vytselivaniem vulnerable zones. In fairness, we note that guns mask completely covers the front of the tower, which creates a likelihood of a rebound, even from high-level technology, but it is more likely to luck than regularity.

How to play on Cromwell B

Characteristics of the chassis and arms indicate that the «British» is the ideal machine support that can help tyazham, push the direction to make daring raids behind enemy lines or to return to the shooting down of captures from its base. Due to the high speed, the tank could quickly change the vector of attack, bringing the team the maximum benefit in any direction.Cromwell B
In addition, Cromwell B has a phenomenal rate of fire, allowing him to quickly deal with classmates, to deliver a lot of trouble high-level opponents, leaky side and stern. The main thing is to try to avoid a direct confrontation and lead a gunfight from afar, using precision instruments. Engage in open battle and exchange HP is unreasonable: the tank a small one-time loss, so that the IC-3 will have time to send the «British» in the hangar before (2 shots!) Than Cromwell B can cause significant damage to the Soviet tyazhu. Therefore we act with maximum caution, sober assessment of their capabilities.

Reviews Cromwell B

Cromwell b can be bought for the May holidays in the premium shop World of Tanks. Also, there is also sold to other various festivals, such as the new year Cromwell B sold for 825 rubles for a limited time.Cromwell B
Before you ask the question: » Should I buy Cromwell b? «Let's see the result with the technical specifications and to listen to the views of players, Cromwell B has such undeniable advantages :

• The speed and dynamics.
• Best PDM among classmates.
• Comfortable indicators broneprobitiya.
• Satisfactory UVN (12.5 degrees down).

K disadvantages include the following:
• The lack of armor.
• Insignificant alpha.
• No low-level fighting.
In principle, CROMWELL B deserves an honored place in the hangar, the gameplay in this tank can bring a lot of pleasure.

Cromwell B Video

How to Farm Cromwell B? yield Cromwell B

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