Chrysler K GF

Earlier it was reported the new tank   Chrysler the K , which met in a chaotic and passed Supertest WOT. As it turned out Chrysler K GF (Chrysler GF), dyed in the traditional black and put your logo Grand Final (GF), which means that instead of the expected light tank, the American heavy tank level 8 is dedicated to the Grand Final in 2017  in Moscow. Cost Chrysler K GF goldovogo recalculate the equivalent of 9,200 units .

  1. Historical facts Chrysler K <
  2. The operational characteristics of Chrysler K GF
  3. The choice of perks for the Chrysler K GF and equipment
  4. How to play the Chrysler K GF
  5. Reservation Chrysler K GF
  6. Summary of the tank Chrysler K GF
  7. Video Chrysler K GF

Historical facts Chrysler K

Historically, the design of the tank was ready for the beginning of the summer of 1946 under penalty recently entered service with the Soviet Union, IS-3, the company ranked eighth for the production of military products in America — Chrysler Corporation.

Chrysler K GF
The project included several unusual for American innovation machine, expressed as a change in the location of the internal modules, such as the engine and gearbox, and transmission aft.The crew compartment the entire crew had to stay in the tower. Presumably, it was the first project of the American school of tank development, which involves placing the driver in the tower. The tank was equipped with a 1200 horsepower and 105 mm Cannon and had a weight of about 60 tons. However, due to lack of funding, the project has not received the recognition in the army and was frozen.

The operational characteristics of Chrysler K GF

American Chrysler K in the game is the level of premium heavy tank VIII of, the first American TT Tower, located in the rear sector. The device has an average level for your instrument already familiar on T32 and M6A2E1 alpha pin into 320 units.

Chrysler K GF

Broneprobitiya satisfactory performance and average damage per minute impose restrictions on the use of the tank as the DPS, the spread of 0.36  makes shooting comfort in the middle and near distance, and shot at a distance would be a problem, but the speed of information is very decent — 1.9 seconds. The car has a good average for TT review level VIII — 380 meters, but higher than the closest US competitor award — T34 . Chrysler K GFHow this phone is good, because it is their dynamics and agility: the specific power — 20 horses per tonne and the rotation speed during operation — 28 degrees per second , higher than that of all the classmates, and excellent resistance to the ground makes the tank look like environment. But not so smooth: the maximum speed is limited to obscene 30 km / h forward and 14 km / h , lower than most heavyweights eighth level. Masking indicators are also not particularly pleased, we are still very noticeable. Chrysler K is equipped with a turret gun that resembles a gun popular in chaotic strands T32. Chrysler K GFThose who shakes the development of the industry will be pleasantly surprised. Thus, Chrysler K, resulting in the average on alfastrayk: Done min 1850 units, without having to install extra equipment, with untrained crew. If we talk about broneprobitiya parameters, there still seems to be pretty good. Charging the armor-piercing shells, we can feel confident among the opponents of the single-level and some representatives of the ninth level. In the event of a collision with an armored «tens» You can load 10 goldovyh shells, but is an optional condition. Nevertheless, it is a decent weapon has a number of shortcomings: the gun has a remarkably low accuracy and poor stabilization. But Chrysler K got unexpectedly good time information. It should be noted that the vertical pointing angles cause depression: only 6 degrees downward. It is unusual for American technology, but let's not forget the back of the tower locations, which significantly limits the stem production decline.


The choice of perks for the Chrysler K GF and equipment

Let's not forget that the Chrysler K is rushing a tank, so that the choice of additional equipment should be directed to maximize the farm. In order to disengage the large amount of silver modules selection loans can be as follows: tamper — standard choice for any premium technologies tied to the maximum damage. Stabilizer — helps to correct the shortcomings of accuracy. Ventilation — the best option to increase the multiplier all the characteristics of the machine. He is a decree that a third module can be replaced with enlightened optics. The radius of the tank a good review, but the ideal setting still does not hold. If we talk about the qualifications of the crew (perks Chrysler K), and then pumped to a choice of perks should be approached with the utmost responsibility. You can try to pump the following crew skills for a comfortable game: The choice of consumables remains unchanged for most of the tanks in the game. Equipment to enhance survivability of the machine includes the following items: first aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguisher.There options to replace cola extinguisher box to get a small bonus to the characteristics of the tank, but do not forget about the fire on the forehead.Chrysler K GFChrysler K GF

How to play the Chrysler K GF

In order to effectively use the Chrysler K opportunities, we must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. These features will help you choose the right course of action in boyu.Uchityvaya, we are talking about tyazhe, the tank will be placed on the first line. Being at the top of, Chrysler K may be a good idea to squeeze the enemy in this direction, taking a front view of the rebound and without penetration. The confrontation with the high level of the enemy forces is extremely cautious. Here, strong armor does not seem more reliable protection, so it is best left behind a heavily teammate and line damage on someone else's glow. Thus, you can effectively reverse tanking rhombus hidden sensitive side for the indestructible objects.Chrysler K GF

Chrysler K can boast a high rate of fire and accuracy, so try to play with alfastrayka. For example: two opponents at the shot does not taken full intellect and rolls back cover, whereby drive. A good margin of safety and the loss of one-time help to effectively communicate with the enemy HP, but do not get too carried away and forget about ostorozhnosti.Kak and majority groups in the game, the main enemy of Chrysler K are considered to be artillery. In addition, the awkward American can easily rotate medium and light tanks. These details should also be considered when choosing the position.

Reservation Chrysler K GF

As for the armor, it is worth noting, quite strong and round towers on the forehead, with a thickness of 200 to 230 mm in the anterior sector. There is a bit of vulnerability as a sunroof and the area above the mask tools, but when used properly, the forehead of the tower can be confident the tank. But because of artillery and, standing on a hill opponents come to be healthy. The roof of the tower and the shell thickness of only 30 mm makes us vulnerable to projectiles from above. At this point, the tank is similar to his brothers in the level — IS-3 and VK4502 (A). Machine body is more like a German, the most simple and direct upper armor plates, with almost no angle, but without the inherent Germans thickness of 140 mm, and the NLD — up to 150 mm reduced armor.Chrysler K GF

Location of the engine and gearbox in the forward sector gives us a very unpleasant part: hot forehead. And if the tanks shots lower level, we continue to hold on and protect themselves, the level of the machine 8 and up calmly and without stress our body will blink. Boards, perfectly straight and unprotected screens, thickness of only 76.2mm does not guarantee a successful game from the buildings, the tank is really American in this regard. Fairly low by the standards of the mass of the heavy tank of 60 tons, combined with the current frontal armor and a small maximum speed as a hint: the ram — the weapon of heroes, but not ours.

Summary of the tank Chrysler K GF

If to sum all the features of the tank, above, can be folded definite opinion about awarding eighth vehicle level. For convenience, the strengths and weaknesses can be displayed in separate categories.


  • Good performance of the windshield turret order and cabinet.
  • Suitable for premium technology and PDM alfastrayk.
  • Convenient speaker.
  • Broneprobitie decent.


  • Low speed and maneuverability.
  • High silhouette.
  • Weak accuracy rates.
  • angle of declination gun.

What about Chrysler K GF at the moment? Tank stands out for its performance, even in the premium cars.Prema main task it performs is not as good as we would like. As for pleasure, with this machine, too, all very, very vague: on the map, as the AMX CDC or TCM 50t we do not chase, sophisticated armor and powerful shots, as the IS-6 , we also can not boast. Yeah, kind of like a good book tower it belongs to the Americans, but — for the back of the tower location, and then not very convenient to -6 degrees declination of guns to play with the relief will not work effectively. Like a good idea to break up so that you can quickly change the situation, but as long as we do not leave again. Grace level developer tank battles, too, do not complain, you have to get into a fight and 10 th level, and what to do there — an interesting question. According to game the tank will be similar to the German alpha sneakers, car support, sometimes in a position to compete with the level of their units. However, it Supertest, but one thing is for sure, with the need to Chrysler K GF, to do something — something about it.Chrysler K GF Chrysler K GF

Additional photos of the American TT 8 level WoT Chrysler K GF:

Chrysler K GF Chrysler K GF Chrysler K GF Chrysler K GF Chrysler K GF

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