Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review)

Chrysler GF  went on sale for a limited time with 19 on May 29  in different setups dedicated to the grand final in 2017, where for a minimal set of  Chrysler K GF + slot in the hangar will have to pay 2090 rubles , as compared to the sale of Chrysler K GF on the NA server generous price, but do not forget that this is all a game pixels. Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review)
We proceed to a comparative review of the Chrysler K GF and competitive tanks. (author Konstantin Marataev ) So, in the tablets, you can see for yourself in detail the strengths and weaknesses « the Chrysler the K GF », this time raised his ass and compared it not only with the Americans, but also in general with all the heavy tanks.
If you are too lazy to read in detail about the new Amer, here's a brief comparative review on the K GF the Chryslerthe Chrysler the K GF-good collectible cars. He is ill-suited for farming silver, not ideal for pumping crew. On the other hand, he has a chip and play it, especially on the Gold will nenapryazhno and even fun. The tank can be called excellent purchase (even despite the weak its suitability for farming) but … In light of the recent appearance of counsel and rumors about the new TT Prem Germany, this American has strongly fades. It is possible that by buying it now, you will be sorry, because the potatoes in half a year will roll out a new thread imbaprem and Chrysler did not even think apat as she apaet outdated privileges.
Still one year ago, I definitely would buy Chrysler, now — no, the potato itself too much raised the bar prem technology.

Reservation  Chrysler K GF

Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review)Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review)
Overall, Chrysler has a level of protection higher than the average in the hospital, it can be recommended even to perform LBZ on tanking. But NLD can be flashed many tanks 8 level and without Gold, and bead 100 mm could be punched through the rollers, also single-level players. The general recommendation — to find a bunch of shit and tank hidden body, with American Tower will periodically have problems even PT-10


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Done  Chrysler K GF

Average for the TT-8 damage per 320 units of well-compensated base damage per minute, which is here as much as 1900 units. If you find a position for which will be able to hide at least NLD — then realize their PDM you quite possibly can)

Basic Breakdown and farm Chrysler K GF

In general, 198 mm — this is bad, not really bad of hell, but still bad. At the top, many strands you can vytselivat, but we must be prepared to miss, because the accuracy of 0.36 — this is not a fountain. The tank is not suitable as Farmer, poorly suited as the crew pumping platform, so the crew is the same only with E5-th

Golda Chrysler K GF

Chrysler has Golda better than other Americans (except T34), but … at the level it still ranks middling. On the other hand, even these average values ​​will suffice for all single-level opponents, and at close range will fight even with a 10-kami. Many opponents counter this American will ride it on the Gold, so — beware.

Precision and stabilization of Chrysler K GF

The tank, in comparison with its competitors, just gorgeous stabilized, with a chic covers both the range of information, and the information from the stop speed. Stub so well that if you roll a car at a good crew, with rations, a brotherhood, a fan and on the Gold — it is quite possible you will not need a stabilizer and drives leads. The ultimate accuracy, again good in comparison with other TT 8th level, but remember: 0.36 — this is not a panacea, smear on the distance you will be often.

Mobility  Chrysler K GF

Very nice for the TT. 20 hp per ton of weight, limited elfizmom vvide a maximum speed of 35 km / h , but on the other hand, you will go to the hill Himelsdorfa still faster than some medium tanks.?

corners UVN  Chrysler K GF

-6 -down and 15 up is not enough, especially considering that these angles are the same on all sides of the tank, not only with his front. Playing on the tank need to be alert to the possibility that the hills — it's always a problem.
Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review) Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review) Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review) Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review) Chrysler K GF: the battle on the tank (Honest Review)
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