Bonus-codes World of Warships for RU server 2023

Bonus code on Cosmonautics

All the holiday Cosmonautics Day, and that's really nice, though for fans of World of Warships namely operating and free bonus code Flag signals (only 60 pieces.):

Bonus-codes World of Warships for RU server 2023The Yankee Hotel — 5 pcs.
Of Delta india — 5 pcs.
The Yankee india — 5 pcs.
Juliet Charlie — 5 pcs.
The Yankee Bissotwo juliet — 5 pcs.
The Yankee Soxisix mike — 5 pcs.
Officers Mike sierra — 5 pcs.
Foxtrot november — 5 pcs.
Echo Setteseven november — 5 pcs.
Victor Lima — 5 pcs.
The X-Ray india — 5 pcs.
Whiskey juliet — Unaone 5 pcs.



Activate bonus code is necessary through a personal account on the site Wargaming official, here's the link:  https://ru.wargaming.net/shop/bonus/  , designed this bonus code only 5000 activation, so do not lose time and activate.

Previous bonus code for World of Warships on Flag signals has been published on our website on February 24 in honor of February 23, good luck in battle.

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