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60G FT

In World of Tanks game will soon be an exclusive branch of PT-ACS, but only for the Chinese region. In the middle of the pumped branches located 60G FT. This PT-ACS Level 5 with a crew of 4 people. Kollizhn tank model was developed in 2015, with advanced technical features 60G FT is available on the website wot-info.ru.

  1. Historical facts 60G FT
  2. 60G FT Performance characteristics
  3. Reservation 60G FT
  4. Summary conclusion of T-29

Historical facts 60G FT

The project of this machine has been designed on the basis of artillery tractor AT-T. This modification was supplied by the Soviet Union in several world countries, so repeatedly copied and modernized. Tractor served as the technical basis for the creation of armored vehicles and engineering machinery. There were projects on the use of AT-T to create a heavy military vehicles, but such ideas stopped at the stage of development of paper.


60G FT Performance characteristics

HP 380
engine 430 hp
Weight: 26 tons
power to weight ratio: 16.54 hp / M
Maximum velocity: 45 / -18 km / h
Rotating body 35 ° / to
ground resistance: 1,055 / 1,342 / 2,014
view range: 340 m
signal range: 600 m

Hull Armor: 25/20 /?

It has 85 mm 62-85TG FT

Damage 180/180/300
Penetration 145/220/43
ROF: 11.806
2125.1: DPM
recharge time: 5.082 sec
Accuracy: 0.364
Orientation Time: 1.92 sec
Depression: -8

It has 85 mm 56-85TG FT

Damage 160/160/280
Penetration 128/172/43

Reservation 60G FT

Full booking value for M3G FT, are as follows:

Summary conclusion of 60G FT

Specific positive features of the tank is not revealed, the Chinese PT-ACS without escaping osobennostey.I recall that PT-ACS located in pumped branch development, will be available for the China region.

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