t-127 инвайт код Tankolet

1680 gold WoT for free (update 9.18)

To get a free amount of playing gold, permanent camouflage must be applied (for Golda) the following tanks:

T-54 lightweight, 
Spahpanzer Ru 251,  T49,  AMX 13 90

So, in the next update of 9.18 according to the established rules of Wargaming in the translation of light tanks data on level 9:
According to the shares on the day of Cosmonautics in the period  April 12 on April 17  all inflict permanent camouflage for game gold will be discounted by 50% . It turns stoimst goldovogo camouflage (three seasons) on a single tank costs 600 Gold, taking into account the 50% discount is 300 Golden.Therefore, you need to spend 1200 Golda all 4 tanks and get an update with the release of 9.18 in compensation in 2400 game gold units. Net profits in  1200 game gold units .

Details Soviet light tanks in the update 9.18
Details French light tanks in the update 9.18

According to the emblem on these machines will also be accrued compensation, let set for 2 pcs. all four light tanks for the price of 60 units of gaming gold and spend in total 480 Golda taking into account the discount for this weekend. Where, after receipt of the payment we get 2 posters * 4 tanks * 120 Unit = 960 gold, net profit of 480 gold pieces of the game .

Total, if not at the moment camouflage and logo, then you need to spend 1680 years for the purchase of:

  • 1200 game gold units (kamulyazh)
  • 480 game gold units (emblem)

Oh , and the same to get a bonus after the update 9.18 and receive compensation, unless of course developers Wargaming will not change anything.

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